Pokemon CEO Says Developing For Switch Was Tougher Than They Thought

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In a recent interview with DIME, the Pokemon Company President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara gave some insight on the established series.

Of course, since the latest entry into the series Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee was just released a couple of months ago, many of the questions revolved around that title. He explained how that this was the companies first mainline game to appear on a Nintendo home console. Every other entry into the franchise has been primarily released on Nintendo’s handheld systems. With the jump to beefier hardware, of course, came more challenges for Game Freak.

Ishihara stated that developing a mainline game on the Switch was “more difficult than we expected.” He even joked that some on the development team possibly believed that it was “five times harder” to make a Pokemon game on the Switch compared to creating one on one of the systems in Nintendo’s line of portable consoles.

The developers at Game Freak worried if they could create their title on the console and make it interesting for all three play styles on the Nintendo Switch (TV Mode, Handheld Mode, Tabletop Mode).

If you would like to check out the Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu! or Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee!, you can order them through Amazon. Make sure to check out Dualshockers’ review of the latest game in the franchise as well.

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