For Honor’s Marching Fire Launches Today Alongside New Wu Lin Heroes

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Ubisoft is letting For Honor players try their Wu-Tang style today in what is the game’s largest update since launch: “Marching Fire.”

The update, which is available today at 12:00 PT, will see the addition of the new Wu Lin faction, including four new playable heroes, as well as new game modes, features, and a “complete graphic[al] overhaul.” You can check out the gameplay trailer for Marching Fire below and see for yourself.

The expansion’s content will be free to all current For Honor owners and will unlock the Wu Lin warriors upon opening the game. All players will have access to the new “Arcade Mode,” which acts like a battlefield simulation that is completely PvE and can be played cooperatively with friends. Participating in Arcade Mode will grant reputations for characters so it’s a good place to get started with a new hero.

Ubisoft is also adding a new PvP match type titled “Breach” which will see players taking turns defending and assaulting a castle.

Graphically, players will find improvements to in-game textures and a newly redesigned lighting system. If you’ve played For Honor before and have been gone for a while, you might not notice these changes, but they’re there. You may, however, notice quality of life improvements such as changes to the game’s UI and team voice chat.

The four new heroes look interesting and adding a Chinese faction seems like a good way to add some badassery to a fighting game. They include the Tiandi who wields the Dao blade, the Shaolin who is a warrior monk using both his staff and fists, the Jiang Jun who carries a guandao, and–my personal favorite–the Nuxia who uses hook swords. Yup. She can use the swords independently, or, get this, swing one sword with the other to impale people. All of these heroes will be available upon-launch for those who already own For Honor and will be available two weeks later for 15,000 steel each if you don’t.

For Honor: Marching Fire is available today for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can read more about the game here, including how it just surpassed 15 million players.

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