Black Clover: Quartet Knights Received Character Trailer for Klaus Lunettes

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A new trailer from Bandai Namco Entertainment for Black Clover: Quartet Knights shows off some gameplay footage of Klaus Lunettes.

A member of the Golden Dawn squad, Klaus is a more strategic character who summons barriers to control the battlefield. His specialty is Steel Magic which gives him several useful abilities. Special Shooting allows him to shoot shotgun blasts of magic and penetrate multiple enemies in a straight shot. Armoured Wall summons a defensive wall to block enemies from getting close or attacking. A variation is a spiked wall of spear-like protrusions that spread in a line to damage multiple enemies and discourage getting close.

Steel Magic generates steel shields around him that protect him from incoming objects, follow him as he moves, and allows him to attack from behind the defensive wall.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights is released in mid-September for PlayStation 4 and PC around the world and can be purchased on Amazon. Previous character trailers featured Young Yami, Gauche, and Commander Yami, you can watch the one for Klaus below.

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