SoulCalibur VI Community-Created Character Wizard Lizard Gets a Trailer of His Own

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It was previously announced that upcoming fighting game SoulCalibur VI would have a character creator, and the publisher was able to show what it was capable of in a new video. Over the past couple of weeks, Bandai Namco Entertainment has been working with the game’s community to create an original character, and today we saw the fruits of that effort: Wizard Lizard.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has been very active on the official SoulCalibur social media account, asking players to vote in several pools to determine various aspects of the character. SoulCalibur VI apparently features thousands of potential combinations for custom characters, so this fighter could have ended up several different way.

That being said, the community seems to have been content on settling with an anthropomorphic lizard with wings and magical powers. While he won’t be an official member of the game’s roster and his move set does seem a little more basic than other characters, it’s really cool to see a character created by the input of thousands of fans.

Check out Wizard Lizard in action in the video below. SoulCalibur VI is about to launch, as it hits PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 16. You can also pre-order SoulCalibur VI on Amazon right now to get the game on launch day.

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