New Persona Q2 Trailer Illustrates Yusuke from Persona 5

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Atlus released another character trailer for Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, this time focusing on Persona 5‘s Yusuke.

The trailer is pretty funny, with Yusuke scaring the girls by making hypotheses on what brought them all in the weird theater the game is taking place at, saying they might have been spirited away and ghosts will appear. Yusuke’s my favorite male character in Persona 5 so I’m really looking forward to his antics this time as well. I’ll be sure to include him in my party as much as possible to make up for the Persona 5 endgame, where I rarely used him anymore, as he sadly doesn’t learn Charge.

You can watch Yusuke’s trailer below.

Previous trailers focused on Kamoshida, a villain from Persona 5, the Velvet Room twins Justine and Caroline, and Persona 3‘s Koromaru. A longer trailer focusing on the game’s story and gameplay can be watched here. You can also check out the opening animation and the character trailers for each main Persona hero.

Persona Q2 releases exclusively in Japan for 3DS on November 29th, with no western release announced yet.

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