Sephiroth Makes His Way to Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

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Announced alongside a new trailer, it looks like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII will now be playable in the very popular mobile game Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

To unlock the iconic villain of the franchise, players must clear his first event quest. After players have completed his event quest, Sephiroth will be added to your roster for free. If you are new to Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, you must first complete chapter 1 to unlock his event.

This mobile Final Fantasy game has done a fantastic job of adding new characters from throughout the series into the title. I mean, there are even characters from the very first game on the NES. Now that is what I call fan service. Adding Sephiroth is just the cherry on top.

You can view the new trailer featuring Sephiroth, one of the most iconic video game antagonists, below. Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is currently available now on the App Store and Google Play for free.

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