Surgeon Simulator CPR Launches on Switch With Hilarious New Trailer

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The deliberately messy Surgeon Simulator series just made its Switch debut and to celebrate the good people at Nintendo have released a hilarious, gory trailer.

The live action trailer opens up with a double-decker bus filled with people going about their daily business. A curious lady looks to the man sitting next to her only to discover that he’s covered head to toe in emergency room attire and playing Surgeon Simulator CPR on his Switch. From here things continue to get even more silly as he fumbles his way through the game taking a hammer to his in-game patient’s skull and piercing their lungs with a scalpel. As he progresses he takes a number of internal organs out of the game and passes them to other passengers on the bus including kidneys and intestines.

Before he finishes, the lady next to him also dons the surgeon’s mask and requests a Joy-Con. From here the two make a bloody mess of conducting surgery in the game’s co-op mode much to the disgust of the surrounding passengers who have now taken to throwing up in their handbags.

The equally ridiculous and hilarious Surgeon Simulator CPR is now available on Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

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