Dying Light: Bad Blood, Techland’s Zombified Take on Battle Royale, is Now Available via Steam Early Access

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Despite being hard at work on Dying Light 2, Techland still hasn’t stopped iterating upon the successful first game and has now launched their own take on the battle royale genre on Steam Early Access.

Techland refers to Bad Blood as “brutal royale” rather than battle royale and instead of dropping 100 players into a certain area, it only makes use of 12. In addition, Bad Blood brings in elements of PvE rather than just that of PvP due to the nature of zombies still being present all over the map. Not only do you have to keep a lookout for other players who are hunting you down, you also need to make sure you don’t haphazardly die to zombies.

I tried out Bad Blood during PAX West and I died almost immediately each time I played it. Feel free to make snarky comments about how gaming writers suck or whatever in the comments. When I wasn’t dead though, I found Bad Blood to be an interesting take on the genre that was much smaller in scope and was more objective-based that entirely focused on getting kills. Plus, it still makes use of Dying Light’s rad parkour mechanics which are still a lot of fun.

There’s a new trailer for Dying Light: Bad Blood below if you want to get a better idea as to how this take on the genre will work. If you decide you want to pick it up for yourself and give it a go, you can head over to Steam and pick it up right now for $19.99Dying Light: Bad Blood is slated to be free-to-play and will also be coming to consoles down the road once this early access period is over.

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