Pokemon Quest is a New Free-to-Play Title Available on Nintendo Switch Right Now

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The Pokemon Company and Game Freak finally decided to unveil the future of the much-beloved Pokemon franchise tonight via a series of announcements at an event in Tokyo, Japan. One of those announcements turned out to be an all-new free-to-play adventure entitled Pokemon Quest.

As seen in the above featured image, Pokemon Quest will feature the original Pokemon of the Kanto region, that this time take a cube-like form. The game takes place in an all-new location called Tumblecube Island, which features many hidden secrets and items. Trainers will also be able to change the characteristics of their Pokemon in the game via the use of items known as Power Stones.

Perhaps the best news of all is that Pokemon Quest is available right now. Yes, that’s right. You can run to your Switch right now and begin downloading Pokemon Quest for yourself immediately. As for the mobile version of the game, it will be arriving on smartphones in late June.

You can find the reveal trailer for Pokemon Quest at the bottom of the page for your viewing pleasure. As already mentioned, if you wanna play this one for yourself, go grab your Switch and begin downloading Pokemon Quest right now.

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