id Software and Avalanche Studios Are Co-Developing Rage 2

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Following the reveal trailer of Rage 2 earlier today, more information on the open world first-person shooter has continued to trickle out. Information such as platforms and the box art were some of the first details to arrive and now, it seems as if we know who will be developing the project.

When checking out the official Rage 2 website, the English version of the site doesn’t share much info regarding who is developing the project, though when changing the language of the website, those details appear. Upon changing the translation of the webpage to Dutch, Russian, Italian, or any of the other languages provided other than English and Japanese, the game’s description reveals that Avalanche Studios and id Software will be co-developing Rage 2.

Avalanche Studios is well-known for creating a litany of open-world titles such as Just Cause 3 and the more closely related apocalyptic game Mad Max. id Software, on the other hand, served as the original developers behind Rage and in recent years is most recognized for the re-launch of DOOM. It seems as though Avalanche has been brought on to Rage 2 to help work on the open world aspects of the game while id Software will once again boast their always-satisfactory shooting mechanics.

On paper, the marriage of these two studios makes sense and should hopefully help make Rage 2 the best possible game. What’s interesting about this pair working together, however, will be to see if it affects any other rumored projects and their timelines. Just Cause 4 and DOOM 2 have been much-rumored rumored titles that some thought might appear at E3 next month, but this has all just been conjecture without any proof.

Either way, we’ll surely continue to learn more about Rage 2 and either of these studio’s other projects next month during E3 2018.

Update: The official Rage Twitter account confirmed what was already stated above.

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